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The expenses spent on the E-Juice is often times the only problem that users dislike about vaping. But once you start making your own juice, this problem gets eliminated. Here’s how you do it.

The Recipe

There are various flavors of E-Juice and it is the first essential step to think of and find the recipe that you find most interesting. Once you select the recipe, the required concentrates must be bought. A leading DIY E-Juice maker by the name of  Vape Craft had concocted a recipe called Mustard Milk which is a strawberry milkshake flavor with 6% strawberry TPA and 6% Vanilla Bean Ice cream TPA. Here, TPA stands for The Perfumers Apprentice which is a manufacturer of such flavors. The VG/PG ratio must be decided which is recommended as 70/30 by Fizz Mustard, as this is a nice sub ohm vaping proportion. Increasing the VG could get you a plus ohm and a higher PG proportion. You can always change the VG/PG proportion according to your intent of the vapor but the flavor quantity also has to be adjusted accordingly. The next step is to choose the nicotine level which is suitable. For example, a 10mL bottle of Mustard Milk would need 6 mg nicotine, but this can always be varied once you’ve tried it out.

The Measure

The quantities that should be used in the mix are a bit too difficult to just do at the end of your Sunday newspaper. There are calculators available online which easily do the math for you so that proportioning is a lot easier. Try out websites like EjuiceMeUp and Stream Engine. All you need to do is go to the create recipe tab, enter the details and tap on save. The volume, weight and percentage are then easily obtained for all the ingredients.

The Mix

The mixing of components has to be done in a clean and safe environment. There should not be any pets or children nearby and rubber gloves and a plastic tray must be used to prevent other problems which ensue after a spillage occurs.


Mix by weight

The grams are really important and require complete focus when using scales. The 10 mL bottle must be placed on the scales after setting them at zero and the content must then by dripped into the bottle. It is good practice to use a dropper or syringe as contents like nicotine should not be spilled. Every ingredient must be added by using a fresh syringe because otherwise there is bound to be cross contamination.

Mix by volume

While mixing using volume, this gets a little more difficult. The bit about using separate syringes remains the same but the measurements also have to be carefully noted to gauge the mL. All the flavour concentrates that are to be added should be done with different 1 mL droppers or syringes. This method is not as accurate as weight mixing though.