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Technology has moved up a couple of notches and a person’s vaping experience should also follow suit. Vaporizers are available in various forms and while traditional setups like dry herb vaporizers are available, an electronic cigar is something which should definitely be tried out if someone is interested!

Comparing eCigar to eCigarette

An electronic cigarette has a lot in common to an electronic cigar. The common points far outweigh the differences. The mechanism in which they function are not very different but there are two key differences. First of all, there is a good variety in the shapes and sizes in case of an electronic cigarette but the same cannot be said about an eCigar. They are shaped like a real cigar and not much variety is thus available. Also an eCigar has much more vapor cloud producing ability when compared to an eCigarette.

What is it actually?

A battery operated device which is handheld and the mechanism is to vaporize a flavored liquid which is similar to liquid nicotine solution. This is how an eCigar works to satisfy the people who crave for nicotine. The eCigar vapor does not have any tobacco, carbon monoxide, tar or any other chemicals which are the usual contents in a tobacco contained cigar.


No smoke or disturbance is produced by an eCigar, so a person who is interested in using it can do so without any worries like if they can smoke them in an airport, hospital or public place. They can be used at all of these places but it is good practice to check the policy of the place before you start using an eCigar.

The technology behind it

The way an eCigar works is by using a current microelectronic technology along with a replaceable cartridge and rechargeable lithium battery. Once the eCigar gets activated, it takes steps to convert the nicotine liquid into a vapor by means of heating and this vapor is then inhaled by a user. They are a lot similar to eCigarettes and a cartridge with the nicotine liquid has to get attached to the microelectronic chamber before the device is activated. This has to be done by the user and the mouthpiece for the cigar is the tip of this cartridge. A regular cigarette and eCigar are both inhaled in the exact same manner and the once you inhale, the atomizer heats the liquid to convert it to vapor. When you see a user exhale the vapor after it has circulated into the lungs, you will find similar smoke like the general cigarette but it smells better and dissolves into air much faster. The idea is to have the same effect that a smoker gets while using a traditional cigarette but to not cause any adverse health effects.